Children have a right to an education…it is our duty to see they get it!

Having lived in St. Boniface since 1990, I have long worked for positive change in Winnipeg.  I want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to the office of School Board Trustee for the Louis Riel School Division. My family and I feel it is now time for me to seek elected office. 

Now I feel it is time to concentrate on the concerns facing the future of the next working class and those who teach them. As you may know I have diligently worked to put forward the issues surrounding the working class and trade unions in particular.   I believe there are workable solutions to the many difficulties facing our schools today.

Whether it is over crowded classrooms or under funded programs, there is a way to unravel the problems, however, there needs to be a voice in place that will look out for the interests of our children and teachers.  For these reasons I feel I must step forward to offer the voters a choice.

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